Summer is officially over, days are getting shorter and nights colder. The sudden temperature change can really be confusing for our hair. Suddenly our natural hair starts acting upon us. Itchy scalp, brittle hair. Time for little adjustment with our routine and products. My hair pattern is like a coiled millipede. It tends to coil around itself and forms knots. The colder wind turns to exacerbate this. The best way I do avoid this is to prevent wearing my hair out and put it in a protective style or stretch it out.

With the change in temperature, humidity, and the increase of cold wind my hair is going to require more assistance to increase moisture and resist breakage.

I have low porosity hair, meaning my hair is difficult to absorb moisture but once it absorbs it holds onto the moisture well. Monthly moisturizing DC treatment with the assistance of heat will help penetrate more and last longer. Herbal hot oil treatment before shampoo using our Herbal Scalp and Hair oil. 

Adjust Your Products

Switch from those super light water-based leave-in conditioners and opt for heavier cream, butter, and hair masks. In the fall, I turn to want thicker products especially our Creme -Au-Caramel Exotoque Hair Butter to seal in moisture and keep in the moisture longer.

Moisturize hair more often. Moisture is the key to prevent dry brittle hair. Prevent further drying your hair by keeping your products all-natural. “Natural ingredients are go-to because they won’t strip your hair of oils like synthetic and alcohol-based ingredients do.

Let us not forget to nourish our scalp while pampering our hair. If you have dry scalp the cold months can aggravate the conditioner. It’s very important to use scalp treatments that will prevent bacteria and fungus growth and restore the health of your scalp.

Plan to protective style

Anything that keeps your ends tucked away to prevent breakage is a plus. Marley twists, Faux Locs, Box Braids, and Wigs to protect your hair from the harsh weather. Fall is a great time to give your hair a rest from the summer season of fun and manipulation.

Everyone’s hair is different, meaning one cap doesn’t fit all. So, when planning a Fall regime take what you’ve learned, your environment and then plan your hair regime. Please be observant on how your hair is behaving and treat accordingly.

Be consistent, protect your hair, sleep in a satin cap.

Embrace, Love and Educate.

XOXO Sherylicious Naturals