Today I officially endorse my representing the thin hair naturals who have totally been ignored as opposed to their thick curly hair counterparts.


I am doing this because I am concerned about the fact that my fine thin hair isn’t represented like the thick curly hair Naturals we see on YouTube and other social media platforms. One is constantly reminded, be it intentionally or unintentionally, that her own hair is no match.

Generally, when you hear naturals talking about their journey from perm to natural, it is usually centered on how they had thin hair when they had a perm, but the moment they return natural, they automatically got thicker and fuller hair. True for some, but I can guarantee not for all naturals like some of us.

I have thin fine hair, which means my hair strands are thinner and has fewer strands from the follicles; of course, the most dreaded hair in the natural hair community.

Thin hair means you have lesser hair follicles placed closely together. 

Fine hair refers to the thickness and diameter of the strands.

I am thin fine hair natural for life.



Sherylicious Naturals