Sherylicious Naturals Story statements

Sherylicious Naturals Handmade Luxurious Hair Care  Products were formulated with the love of body, soul, and mind. The love for my family especially my daughter special hair and skin needs and as a mother lead me into this creative life and respect for nature. It gives me the creative mind to embrace simplicity to thoughtfully formulate products with a purpose. Beauty…By All Means Natural.

The special care and love for my daughter came to something bigger. A mother who wanted all natural, organic, non-toxic alternative for our daughter scalp ailment. After trying so many medications to treat her scalp. Treatments that did heal hair scalp issues for the moment but always come back immediately at the stop of treatment. I started looking for nonchemical, toxin free natural scalp treatment and/or alternative.

In my research, I became obsessed with natural oils, butter, herbs, ayurvedic herb and essential oil combining with my chemist background knowledge. Studied Pharmacy and working as a clinical research manager to formulate All Natural Non-toxic hair care products.

Where does my name Sherylicious Natural come from?

When I decided to start mixing natural kinds of butter and oil, then went to adding herbs and ayurvedic and organic ingredients to create a hairline care which was not only healing, but also natural, non-toxic and PH-Balance, whilst putting my own personal luscious twist on the creations, thus becoming Sherylicious Naturals.

The Mission of Sherylicious Naturals is to product all Natural, Non-Toxic, PH-Balanced, Herbal and Ayurveda based Natural Hair Care Products.

Hubby Swag” The story.

Hubby was skeptical about my formulated products at first. Laughing about bringing my lab into the kitchen. Only by coincidence that he ran out of his precious hair cream. Ask to use my hair buttercream until the weekend to buy his usual hair cream. On using my all-natural, organic butter mix oh boy hubby was hooked. He can’t do without Sherylicious Natural handmade formulated products.….More addictions of course.